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Zinvo is a Swiss wristwatch company with an extensive network of offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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Goals and problems of the customer

Our goals were to recognize the reasons for falling conversions, build the hypotheses of improving the situation and implement solutions in a short time.
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We found out that our client loses 60% of users at the first stage of the sales funnel, at the second stage - 71% of users, and 89% at checkout. Thus, the main problem is the loss of users at each stage of sales funnel.
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At the first stage of our work, we conducted a deep analysis of the website traffic and customer behavior and found out weaknesses in the work of the site. The second stage was the correction of existing errors without major changes in the website design. These actions maвe us double online-store conversions in two weeks. We analyzed sales funnels and long-term traffic channels and determined that one of the reasons of dropping traffic was the changes in the targeting. Then, we identified the blocks that distracted customers from the target action and took them away from the landing pages. We conducted a UX website analytics, redesigned pages, performed A/B testing, and selected hypotheses that yielded successful results.
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The results we succeed

  • Adds to cart
    7.63 %
  • Orders
    5.15 %
  • Purchases
    2.88 %
  • Adds to cart
    12.98 %
  • Orders
    8.08 %
  • Purchases
    5.23 %

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