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Luigi S.
CEO of an electronics store Grossoshop
Review on Clutch
Borys K.
Founder Watch Brand Zinvo
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Carlos A.
Director - Business Development. Has a portfolio of projects.
Tomer G.
CEO of an cosmetics store EQUIL

Feedback summary:
Conversion rates rose significantly post-launch. The team’s knowledge in both technology and business proved valuable. The impressive results created value for cost.

We hired MakeBeCool to provide Shopify Plus development, design, and data migration services. We wanted to grow and develop our e-commerce website. To do this, we needed a reliable partner who would use cutting-edge technology to deliver a great result and then provide ongoing support.

We are pleased with the final results, especially the improved UI. Conversions increased 27% two months after the launch. The team provided expert solutions, addressed issues or questions thoroughly, and maintained a comprehensive understanding of our project. They adhered to our timeframe and budget. Project scheduling was efficient, and our project manager met with us as needed. The team’s technology and business expertise were helpful at every step. Costs were reasonable given the project's complexity and the high-quality end result.

Feedback summary:
MakeBeCool’s work resulted in an increased conversion rate, a decrease in the website load time, and improved UX. Their market analysis resulted in the development of an effective marketing strategy, and they are making diligent and effective efforts to enhance visibility on multiple fronts.

Our website wasn’t performing well. There were long loading times, we didn’t have conversion optimization, and the UX/UI experience wasn’t the best.

They performed everything we put in their scope well. It was very helpful to get an analysis and the scope of our competition. We’re very happy with their work. Our conversion rate multiplied by three; it was .17 and now it’s .5. Loading time used to be 17 seconds and now it’s 4 seconds; that was a huge improvement. Email marketing is in place now and everything is working properly. Their UX design looks much better.

They’re very hard-working and they pay a lot of attention to their clients.

Feedback summary:
Andrei and the team at MakeBeCool are the best agency/contractors in UpWork. Quite honestly, I am a bit hesitant to continue to share good feedback with the broader UpWork community because I don't want them to get as much work as they should receive and not have time to work with me. They are creative, detail oriented, incredibly sharp and intelligent, thorough and driven to go above and beyond. I've worked with countless individuals in New York City and across the world, and can genuinely attest these guys are in a league of their own. WIll continue working with him and the team. I consider them partners in my business and a critical success factor for our long-term value creation inititiatives.

Feedback summary:
Wow, fantastic team! I've worked on several ecommerce website development project in my life, but this team is in whole new level. Communication, availability, quality of work and prices are excelent. Will definitely work with them again and recommend.

We rise to your business challenges

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Optimize
  • Virtual Assistant

We rise to your business challenges

Marketing research — Planning — UX & UI Shopify designDevelopment themes and Shopify AppsData migration3rd party integration — Shopify & Shopify Plus Implementation — Subscriptions model Implementation — ReCharge Integration and Customization

We rise to your business challenges

Marketing strategy — CMO - Management and integration of all your contractors — Google Analytics and eCommerce set up — Google, Facebook & instagram and Pinterest ads — Content marketing — Influencer marketing — Social media management — Email marketing — Analysis & reports

We rise to your business challenges

Conversion Rate Optimization — Google Analytics analysis and audit — Site Speed Improvements — Heatmaps setup and analysis — Polls, exit-intent pop-ups, surveys setup, and analysis — User Testing — A/B testings

We rise to your business challenges

Virtual Assistant
Customer Service/Support — Processing orders, refunds, returns, cancellations, disputes etc — Shopify Store Management — Data entry — Communicating with suppliers — DSers, Dropified and Oberlo Dropshipping apps — Products research — SMM (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) — Zendesk Support/Chat/Inbox setup and customize

We are keen on working with the leading eCommerce platforms and tools. Shopify Recharge, Klavyo, Google Analitics

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Zinvo is a Swiss wristwatch company with an extensive network of offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Vplab is a sports nutrition company. All the products are manufactured at leading factories in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and California.


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    +42% - is an eCommerce born in 2006 in Italy and specialized in the sales of smartphones and smart devices of Asian and American brands, such as Xiaomi, iPhone, LeEco, Nubia, OnePlus, Huawei, Asus, Meizu.


YFood is a drink that was developed in the lab by a team of renowned German food scientists. YFood is a drink which replaces a full balanced meal by providing 25% of your daily needs of all essential macro- and micronutrients.

We are proactive and interested in long-term cooperation

We are proactive and interested in long-term cooperation

We don’t search for clients, we search for Partners. We are concerned with your project's conversion rate and efficiency, so always recommend and offer proven solutions
  • Andrei G.
    CEO. eCommerce and Shopify Expert. Founder of the Food&Beverage community
  • Liza A.
    COO. eCommerce and Shopify Expert. Strategy and business development
  • Maksim T.
    CDO. Expert in eCommerce Design. Shopify & Shopify Plus stores
  • Eduard Z.
    Shopify Expert in building themes and stores
  • Yegor B.
    Expert in Shopify APPs development
  • Konstantin V.
    Expert in building customer support for eCommerce
  • Bohdan F.
    Expert in eCommerce Business Development and Shopify
  • Eliza L.
    Expert in eCommerce Business Development and Shopify
  • Alex D.
    Expert in eCommerce Business Development, Shopify and CRO

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