Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

UX Analysis and site speed up

We can assure you, to grow - optimize!

Whatever your ecommerce business is, its need to have these three to be profitable and grow:


Traffic that converts


Fast site


Satisfied customers

What to do?

Conduct UX Analysis

cro steps

To understand the client's behavior and to improve your online performance. We analyze behavior data on each step of the customer’s journey from Home Page and Product Page to Shipping and Order Processing

  • We analyze the data from the web-analytics and heatmaps
  • We come up with a UX insights and qualitative hypotheses
  • We adjust sales funnels to reduce friction in a user experience

Run A/B tests

cro steps

On the way from the insights to game change, you need substantial clues. What are the numbers? What changes can affect more than the others? Are hypotheses right or wrong? The only way to answer is to test.

  • We evaluating hypotheses with A/B tests
  • We test content, CTA-buttons, user forms and whatever can affect conversion rate
  • We implement winning hypotheses in site upgrades

Accelerate website

cro steps

Don’t underestimate the power of time! According to Google, there are about 3-7%* monthly revenue increase for each second you are cutting from page load time. Just calculate the annual impact! It matters not only because higher load speed brings better user experience. It also significantly affects on website search engine ranking.

  • We develop faster custom Themes
  • We help to manage apps installed and to optimize images
  • You stop uploading unoptimized pictures and installing new apps without thinking

What will you get?

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    a step-by-step plan on how to increase conversions tailored to your budget
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    a list of weaknesses with the recommendations for correction
    check mark
    consultation on how to change the situation for the better

And we can perform the plan for you as well!

That is how we did it for our client: E-commerce project Online Shop Zinvo

cro cases Zinvo
  • Make marketing research and create new concept
  • Create new marketing app for Shopify
  • Make A/B tests and give positive results
  • Start process for regular UX analysis
  • Speed optimisation for Shopify
  • Redisign all key pages
  • Adds to cart
    7.63 %
  • Orders
    5.15 %
  • Purchases
    2.88 %
  • Adds to cart
    12.98 %
  • Orders
    8.08 %
  • Purchases
    5.23 %

CRO led to such results:

Adds to cart increased
+ 170%
Orders increased
+ 156%
Purchases increased
+ 181%

CRO plans

conversion rate optimization services
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Building funnels, looking for drop-off points
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conversion rate optimization services
  • UX-analysis
  • Google Analytics analysis and audit
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conversion rate optimization services
  • Heatmaps setup and analysis
  • Google Analytics analysis and audit
  • Polls, exit-intent pop-ups, surveys setup, and analysis
  • A/B testings
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conversion rate optimization services
  • Google Analytics analysis and audit
  • Heatmaps setup and analysis
  • Polls, exit-intent pop-ups, surveys setup, and analysis.
  • Heatmaps setup and analysis
  • User Testing
  • A/B testings
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