Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We conduct UX Analytics to increase your conversion rate

We make the Shopify custom UX design of your online store as accessible and clear to your customers as possible. Without the right amount of traffic, your results will not allow you to understand how your customers use your online store. To help you determine if the CRO is right for you, let's briefly consider its basics

The way we plan the process

  • We analyze the data from the analytical system
  • We make sales funnels on the web-site
  • We find weaknesses, where the conversion significantly decreases
  • We venture qualitative hypotheses on the increase in conversions
  • We implement hypotheses and conduct A /B tests of your web-site
  • We perform successful hypotheses and get back to the beginning

We analyze such data

We will help you to understand the client's behavior and improve your online performance

Home Page data

Product Page data

Speed ​​and performance

Shipping and Returns Block

Order Processing Block

Additional information

Shopify user experience analytics can show you

How many visitors do not get registered as the users

How many customers exit the shopping cart

How many people leave the product pages

How the users interact with the product and the problems they experience

How to reduce the amount of work by the UX designer for Shopify

How to save time and money

  • What will you get?

  • a step-by-step plan on how to increase conversions tailored to your budget
    a list of weaknesses with the recommendations for correction
    consultation on how to change the situation for the better
    a detailed technical analysis of the site

We provide the data that will increase the conversions

The online store

We analyzed the project in stages

Shopify UX designer identified four scenarios of customer actions

He revealed the different funnels for each scenario

He defined the funnel that has the best performance

We suggest decisions for fixing the problems on your website
  • To optimally and efficiently use the budget for this project

  • To increase the conversion rate of the website

Based on the previous report results, we have formed the hypotheses for improving conversions

For two of these hypotheses (product & homepages), we ran the A/B Shopify UX testing and got the results. We had problems at every stage of the funnel, but the basic problem is on the product page.

Within 30 days, we have increased our rates

The number of transitions increased
× 18.9
Conversions and orders increased
× 2
Click Through Ratio increased
× 7.1
Once you increase the quality of the traffic, you can continue working to improve the number of conversions. That’s when it will have a significant effect

We place ourselves in the customer's shoes to see the product through their eyes

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Clients reviews

These guys are some of the best in the business. Proactive, imaginative, creative, problems solvers, and cool people. Andrei is super smart, brings his A game, and takes your thought process to another level. Hires these guys. Pay them top dollar. The ROI will take care of itself.

Maksim and the team at Make Be Cool are beyond 5 stars in everything they do. Quality of work, amicability, timeliness, hustle, communication, and willingness to go above and beyond to make your user experience unique and user friendly.

These guys did a great job with our project, and I'll never use any other team to build tech. Pay these guys big money. You won't regret it. Our tech mockups we used to communicate with them were built by AOL, Yahoo, Sony Pictures, HBO GO, and Living Social Tech Creative Directors and they blew it out the water. These guys are legit.

Artur and the team at Make Be Cool are top notch in everything they do. From client interaction, to problem solving, willingness to put in the work to get things done, and a "let's build something cool" mentality, makes the experience of working with them a formidable one.

Artur did a phenomenal job on the Front End Development and helped us create a quality experience for our users. Hire these guys. Pay them big money. They are worth it and your customers will thank you with their dollars.

Carlos Amador, entrepreneur
Project CONZÚL

Andrei's agency provides a great, affordable shopify store design solution. I made an outline of what I would like to see by including URL's to other sites, etc. and highlighting what I liked from those sites and Andrei was able to fulfill all my request with very little correction on my part. I will definitely be hiring Andrei again for future projects I have with my shopify store! Valerie, the project manager was also a delight to work with and very thorough in explaining what was happening and professional.

Overall, if you want a great shopify store that is setup to look professional and appealing to your customer base I would recommend Andrei's services!

David Scott, entrepreneur
Project recipe-table

Im sure Andrei did more than i paid him for this guy is a beast. This was my first time hiring a freelancer and it wont be the last time i do business with andrei he really pays attention to your ideas and brings them to life. 6 stars if it gave me the option.

Rommel Vasquez, entrepreneur

Andrei was outstanding in completing the job. Very professional throughout the process. What I appreciated the most was his effort to understand the problem during the interview process. The result was a very painless execution when the contract started. Very fast. 100% satisfied.

Patrick Mallon, entrepreneur

This freelancer has been an exceptional developer on my shopify site. I have hired many, many people through Upwork, and if there is one thing that I have learned - it is the value of *leveraging the expertise of others.* This freelancer is by all means an expert. He might not be the cheapest labor, but the speed of his work, his strong understanding of every aspect of ecommerce, and his go-getter attitude have made him by far the best investment i have made in a developer.

On one occasion, he advised me on a better design solution than what I wanted, and on another occasion he went out of his way to reach out to Shopify support regarding a bug in one of their plugins. It is this leadership and commitment to the quality of his work that allows me to step back and not be burdened by ‘babysitting’ the freelancer.

If you are looking for expertise and quality, look no further - this freelancer is exceptional.

Mike Finkelstein, entrepreneur

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