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Zinvo is a Swiss wristwatch company with an extensive network of offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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The aims of the project
Create an online store of wristwatches Zinvo, where a typical portrait of the user: a middle-aged man charismatic, loving aesthetics and domination, prestige, or a young guy is a career-oriented college graduate who knows the value of money, remains up-to-date with current trends and wants to follow them.
What was done
Our specialists created design, development and CRO strategy for this online store. Step by step we increased sales in 2,88%, adds to cards - 12, 98% and orders - 5,18%. Thanks to the marketing research, a brand of modern watches with a unique but easily recognizable design was created, which allows its owner to stand out, attract attention and demonstrate the presence of taste.
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