Shopify Zendesk Support services

We set up Zendesk ticketing system for fast communication with the client

We install Zendesk on Shopify and manage the whole process of communication with the client

Zendesk platform capabilities


Integrated customer Shopify Zendesk support


Live chat and messaging


Knowledgebase and smart self-service


Analytics and reports

Enhanced customer support

We analyze the customer base as well as the quality of order processing for increasing cash flow


Built-in telephone support, various greetings, call control, queue management, recording of calls and voicemail, call log

Customer information

Customer lists, quality of the service evaluation, customer loyalty assessment, working with negative feedback

Security and access

Three levels of password security, checking for suspicious devices, security of data exchange, audit logs

Branding and individual settings

Real-time viewing, adaptation for mobile devices, individual domain, templates, components

API and Zendesk Shopify integration

The API e-mail and JavaScript, the creation of an individual Zendesk integration with Shopify, phone applications, and the Zendesk application store.

Reporting and analytics

Google Analytics, automatic accounting of time, different types of reporting, data synchronization, instant assessment of the state of affairs.

Support workflows

Team productivity monitoring, time-saving tools, customer response templates, business rule analysis.

Communication channels

Mail, twiiter, facebook, chat, web-widget

The assistant’s rapid response to the requests will increase the sales as well as the level of customer confidence

What do we need to work in Zendesk for Shopify

The date of the paid order shipment, the ways, the terms and the shipment cost

An individual mail account for working with Zendesk

Features of the refund and partial compensation

Information about discounts for products and services

Warranty service information

The availability of the item

The benefits of using Shopify and Zendesk Support


Actual, fast and convenient service with ability to perform complex processes in one interface


The ability to automatically offer the answers to the customer’s questions


The shaping of a loyal and positive opinion of the clients


Expanding the capacity of one’s agents

The results of our work

The online store for the sale of clothing and accessories in California

Services that we implemented for the project
  • Zendesk Support

    Setup/ Customize

  • Zendesk Chat

    Setup/ Customize

  • Zendesk Guide

    Setup/ Customize

Our team of Shopify website designers

  • We are Top Rated on Upwork and Shopify Experts
    We offer always proven solutions for your projects. We create a custom Shopify design that helps to increase sales on your website
  • Andrei G.

    Shopify and E-Commerce Expert. Themes/APPs development and building stores

    Liza Y.

    Shopify and E-Commerce Expert. Themes/APPs development and building stores

    Maksim T.

    Shopify Expert in building themes and stores, UX/UI Design, Logo Design

Clients reviews

These guys are some of the best in the business. Proactive, imaginative, creative, problems solvers, and cool people. Andrei is super smart, brings his A game, and takes your thought process to another level. Hires these guys. Pay them top dollar. The ROI will take care of itself.

Maksim and the team at Make Be Cool are beyond 5 stars in everything they do. Quality of work, amicability, timeliness, hustle, communication, and willingness to go above and beyond to make your user experience unique and user friendly.

These guys did a great job with our project, and I'll never use any other team to build tech. Pay these guys big money. You won't regret it. Our tech mockups we used to communicate with them were built by AOL, Yahoo, Sony Pictures, HBO GO, and Living Social Tech Creative Directors and they blew it out the water. These guys are legit.

Artur and the team at Make Be Cool are top notch in everything they do. From client interaction, to problem solving, willingness to put in the work to get things done, and a "let's build something cool" mentality, makes the experience of working with them a formidable one.

Artur did a phenomenal job on the Front End Development and helped us create a quality experience for our users. Hire these guys. Pay them big money. They are worth it and your customers will thank you with their dollars.

Carlos Amador, entrepreneur
Project CONZÚL

Andrei's agency provides a great, affordable shopify store design solution. I made an outline of what I would like to see by including URL's to other sites, etc. and highlighting what I liked from those sites and Andrei was able to fulfill all my request with very little correction on my part. I will definitely be hiring Andrei again for future projects I have with my shopify store! Valerie, the project manager was also a delight to work with and very thorough in explaining what was happening and professional.

Overall, if you want a great shopify store that is setup to look professional and appealing to your customer base I would recommend Andrei's services!

David Scott, entrepreneur
Project recipe-table

Im sure Andrei did more than i paid him for this guy is a beast. This was my first time hiring a freelancer and it wont be the last time i do business with andrei he really pays attention to your ideas and brings them to life. 6 stars if it gave me the option.

Rommel Vasquez, entrepreneur

Andrei was outstanding in completing the job. Very professional throughout the process. What I appreciated the most was his effort to understand the problem during the interview process. The result was a very painless execution when the contract started. Very fast. 100% satisfied.

Patrick Mallon, entrepreneur

This freelancer has been an exceptional developer on my shopify site. I have hired many, many people through Upwork, and if there is one thing that I have learned - it is the value of *leveraging the expertise of others.* This freelancer is by all means an expert. He might not be the cheapest labor, but the speed of his work, his strong understanding of every aspect of ecommerce, and his go-getter attitude have made him by far the best investment i have made in a developer.

On one occasion, he advised me on a better design solution than what I wanted, and on another occasion he went out of his way to reach out to Shopify support regarding a bug in one of their plugins. It is this leadership and commitment to the quality of his work that allows me to step back and not be burdened by ‘babysitting’ the freelancer.

If you are looking for expertise and quality, look no further - this freelancer is exceptional.

Mike Finkelstein, entrepreneur

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