How CRO helped us to boost eCommerce sales?

Julia ZagorodnaJulia Zagorodna

The story dwells on how conversion rate optimization has changed the sales of our client.

A bit of back-story
Some owners of the online stores do not want to study the behavior of the clients on their websites and pick their design intuitively and unreasonably.

At the same moment, two clients addressed us. They had a common problem with low conversions. The site was running at a loss. The first client is the owner of a large online store, that has been in eCommerce for more than 10 years (he asked to remain incognito), the second one is a newcomer at craftynectar.com.

They both asked the same question: how they could increase the conversions and why their customers did not get to the checkout page. Both Mr. X and Mr. Z decided that they needed a redesign.

  • And how should we redo the design? What to change?
  • So that the conversions would increase. Hmm...

Our partners are raising the alarm without looking closely at the problem. The first thing that a doctor does, when you come with a cough, is asking you about the symptoms, listening to the lungs, then prescribing a treatment. And this is the standard problem-solving algorithm. Find the pathogens that caused it and identify the ways how to eliminate the problem.

What did we do?

We offered our customers to have UX (user experience) i.e. the analytics of the interface of their stores. What for? Both stylish and beautiful design does not guarantee your sales if the user cannot get its concept as well as the information and blocks location. If your conversions are decreasing, then you need to change your interface.

We conducted UX analytics and found out the following:

In Mr. Z’s store:

  • the site was loading for more than 7 seconds, which was the key cause why the customers left;
  • the checkout did not work in the mobile version;
  • the site was overloaded with CTA-blocks. The client experiences the banner blindness as he does not know where to look and where to click;
  • the logic of the user's movement on the site was unclear;
  • the redirects between pages were not configured... and there was plenty more.

And this is just a small part of our report.

In Mr. X’s store, we faced only one problem: the buttons did not work in the customer’s personal account, so he did not get the applications because of the technical malfunction.

As you see,  the indicators of the conversions decrease can happen to be large-scale or insignificant. However, the main thing is to detect and fix them in time.

What did Mr. X and Z get from our cooperation?

  • quick problem detection;
  • effective solution of bugs;
  • conversions increase;
  • money and personal timesaving;
  • and  finally, no stress)


CRO is a powerful tool that will help you increase the conversions on your site. It helps to build a design so that every item in your online store could sell. We have increased the conversions of our clients by 20% and 32%, which shows the effectiveness and correctness of our offer. If you are interested in how we manage this process, please, visit our website. And if you need any help, we would be pleased to assist your project. We wish you both high conversions and friendly customers! 

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