coolsite #3 - creative sites of the week

Julia ZagorodnaJulia Zagorodna


If you are a lover of sweets, then you will like this online store. This is a “delicious” website selling the chocolate candy bar. The landing is built in such way that you certainly want to eat it. 

When scrolling down you will see an interesting animation with a bar. Creative and unusual. Eat the slice of chocolate and appreciate this project.


Calicanto - an online store selling bags. The minimalistic design of the landing page focuses on the users' attention strictly on the product. When you move over the picture you will see how the bag you like may look in business. Thus, you can immediately determine its size and decide whether it suits you.


Carledmond is a luxury watch brand. On the landing page, you will see beautiful widescreen images and Molly's interview who is the author of the watches. You can read her values and the views that she puts into creating the collection. This is a great way that allows the customer to imagine himself with Molly's watches..


A construction company that builds smart homes. Landing style is a simplicity and quality. It is easy to navigate and captures the attention with beautiful and high-quality photographs of objects.


Rebecca Atwood is an interior designer who creates home accessories. The web-site design is made in pastel colors, that the user can feel an atmosphere of lightness and ease. The images illustrate the process of creating accessories. Web-site navigation is convenient and understandable, so you will find what you were looking for.


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